An Arduino / Gameduino -based puzzle game (paying tribute to Magical Drop).
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Enchanted Orbs

A fast Arduino / Gameduino based Magical Drop clone, played with an NES controller!

Please refer to this blog article for more detail.

Enchanted Orbs


  • A Gameduino 1 shield.
  • An Arduino Mega 2560.
  • A classic NES controller.
  • A breadboard and some wires.


Breadboard Setup

For reference purposes, here is a fritzing diagram:


In the layout above, the NES Controller is attached through breadboard pins A10-A15:

Breadboard NES Controller
A10 Clock
A11 Latch
A12 Data1
A13 Data2 (optional, unused)
A14 +5V

Font and Art Credits

I used the following fonts:

and the following art (all from