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Logger for browser and node
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Logger for browser and node


This repository is a monorepo that we manage using Lerna.

Package Version Description
nightingale Logger for browser and node
nightingale-ansi-formatter Nightingale ANSI formatter
nightingale-app-console nightingale default config and logger for app
nightingale-browser-console Browser console handler for nightingale
nightingale-browser-console-formatter Nightingale Browser console formatter
nightingale-console Console handler for nightingale
nightingale-console-output Nightingale console output
nightingale-debug Nightingale debug
nightingale-formatter Nightingale formatter
nightingale-html-formatter Nightingale HTML formatter
nightingale-json-formatter Nightingale JSON formatter
nightingale-level-names Nightingale level values to level names
nightingale-levels Nightingale levels
nightingale-logger Logger for browser and node
nightingale-markdown-formatter Nightingale Markdown formatter
nightingale-raw-formatter Nightingale Raw formatter
nightingale-sentry Sentry handler for nightingale
nightingale-slack Slack handler for nightingale
nightingale-string String handler for nightingale
nightingale-types Nightingale types for typescript
nightingale-web-processor Nightingale web processor
nightingale-winston-adapter Winston adapter handler for nightingale
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