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Transcription tools with most features of Transcriber and Clan but written using javascript and html5
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TRJS - TranscriberJS

To install TRJS from sources, you have to:

1- install node.js and npm

2- Download this repository (trjs), unzip it or better clone it with

git clone

3- Download a distribution of Java and FFMPEG. FFMPEG excecutables should be copied into ./tools (named ffmpeg, ffprobe, ffmpeg-x64.exe, ffprobe-x64.exe). Java runtimes shoudl be copied into ./tools/java-osx (for MacOS) and ./tools/java-x64 (for Windows x64)

4- Run the following commands

npm install
npm update
npm rebuild

5- Start the program

npm start

6- Build the standalone application

npm run rebuild
npm build
npm git
npm dist


sh pathtobuild
sh pathtobuild

This should create the application for MacOS.

For windows, use (under ubuntu shell) and buildpc.bat (under windows). It uses the NSIS software. Ubuntu shell is not mandatory, but you should then create a .bat file that does the same thing than

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