[UNMAINTAINED] Automatically convert pixel measures into rem in {less}.
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remixins for {less}

Automatically convert pixel measures into rem units.

remixins is a collection of {less} mixins that helps you start using rem units without coding pixels fallbacks on every rule. Code your CSS using pixels. remixins will automatically convert them to rem units.

remixins includes {less} mixins for most popular properties where rem is used as a measure unit.

Mixins available for the following CSS properties:

  • font-size, line-height and text-indent.
  • margin(s)
  • padding(s)
  • height and width (including min- and max-)
  • top, left, bottom and right.

How to use it:

  1. Download remixins.less
  2. Set @base-font-size-px (line 2) to your integer root's font size. Note that @base-font-size-px MUST BE AN INTEGER (without any measure unit).
  3. Import downloaded file @import "remixins.less.



    .element {

CSS result:

    .element {
        font-size: 16px;
        font-size: 1.6rem;


    .element {
        .margin(10px, 3%);

CSS result:

    .element {
        margin: 10px 3%;
        margin: 1rem 3%;

Included mixins

  • .font-size(@value)
  • .line-height(@value)
  • .text-indent(@value)
  • .margin(@value)
  • .margin(@vertical, @horizontal)
  • .margin-top(@value)
  • .margin-right(@value)
  • .margin-bottom(@value)
  • .margin-left(@value)
  • .padding(@value)
  • .padding(@vertical, @horizontal)
  • .padding-top(@value)
  • .padding-right(@value)
  • .padding-bottom(@value)
  • .padding-left(@value)
  • .height(@value)
  • .min-height(@value)
  • .max-height(@value)
  • .width(@value)
  • .min-width(@value)
  • .max-width(@value)
  • .top(@value)
  • .left(@value)
  • .bottom(@value)
  • .right(@value)