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Wordpress REST API Middleware

WP Middleware is a middleware package for creating middleware checks for the REST API. It passes a request to a series of callbacks against which you can check.

Basic example

middleware()->get('/wp/v2/posts', ['check_foo', 'check_bar']);

// callback check
function check_foo($request) {
    if($request->get_param('foo') != 'foo' ){
        return reject();

// callback check
function check_bar($request) {
    if($request->get_param('bar') != 'bar' ){
        return reject();

middleware()->get() checks all GET requests to that given route. To check against all HTTP methods, use middleware()-guard().

Callback Parameters

All callbacks must have at least 1 request parameter, which will recieve an instance of the WP_REST_Request class. You will be able to use all of the methods of this class within your callback to perform checks.

Optional You may also accept a second parameter, which is the outgoing response if you choose to modify it in any way based on the inbound request. This second parameter will be given an instance of WP_HTTP_Response.

Protecting Multiple Routes

To protect multiple routes with the same series of checks

$middlewareStack = ['check_foo', 'check_bar'];

    '/wp/v2/users' ], 

Protecting Multiple HTTP Methods

If you would like to protect multiple HTTP Methods in one call, you can use the methods() helper and pass in an array of methods to target:

middleware()->methods(['POST', 'PUT'], '/wp/v2/users', $middlewareStack);

Customize Rejection Message and Status

You can return a rejection in any callback using the reject() function. If you would like to pass a custom message or status, you can pass those in as paramaters as below: return reject("Failed this specific check.", 400);

The default status is 401 but you may override as you wish.

Reject all requests

While Wordpress includes core functions to achieve this too, if you would like to keep turning on / off endpoints within the middleware logic area, you can also use as below:


Available HTTP Method Helpers

All method helpers require two parameters:

  • string|array $routeInput
  • array $callbacks = []
Avaiable methods
  • guard() - Protects all HTTP methods
  • get()
  • post()
  • put()
  • patch()
  • delete()
  • head()

Other helper methods

  • methods() - Protect multiple HTTP Methods
  • reject() - Reject all requests to this route.
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