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-This repo is for useful '.emacs' files for GNU Emacs.
+This repo is for useful '.emacs' files for GNU Emacs. The approach is to add intuitive extensions that never modify built-in Emacs bindings and standard behaviors.
+There has been a welcome wave of recent Emacs development and usage, but it has been accompanied by some unfortunate overrides of default behavior.
@@ -10,6 +11,13 @@ Installation instructions can be found in the `.emacs` files. The `.emacs` file
The `.emacs_centos-5` file is rather out of date at this point, but should still work.
+The `.emacs` file can be adopted wholesale. But as a rule of thumb, only add code into your `.emacs` file that you fully understand. So, often, the adoption model is to try out select segments of other `.emacs` files one at a time.
+See the [Quick Start]( guide, and optionally, the [Extras]( guide.
+The official manual and numerous books fill in the gaps.
Mac OS X
@@ -21,3 +29,4 @@ Aquamacs
* It can be found at: [](
* Here is a link to all the Emacs packages referenced by the Aquamacs Mac OS X version of the '.emacs' file (found under 'aquamacs', above): [](
* Note that only Aquamacs needs the file, 'customizations.el' (a sample one is located under 'aquamacs', here).

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