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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure REST APIs implemented in node.js, with current support for Database and limited Object Storage. More will be added.
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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure REST APIs implemented in node.js.

Most commands take the form of:


For example, to list autonomous datawarehouses:

oci.databases.autonomousDataWarehouses.list( auth, parameters, callback )

Inputs take the following form...

auth: JSON object

    tenancyId : "", // Tenancy OCID
    userId : "user.123.456", // user OCID
    keyFingerprint : "a2:f4:45:ca:98"
    RESTversion : '/20160918',
    region : 'us-ashburn-1',
    object_storage_name : 'abcde' // only needed for amazon S3 access
    privateKey : // the text of the PEM key, NOT the name of the file

parameters: JSON object cantaining any of the parameters (header, query or path ) for the REST call. For a descrioption of the all of the parameters for any REST call, see here:

eg. a parameter object to change the freeForm tags of autonomousDatabase might look like

  var parameters = {
    autonomousDatabaseId : "asd.jsj.0239409324",
    body : { "freeformTags" : {"tag 1": 123456,
                               "tag 2": "yyy",
                               "another tag": "aaa" },

and the call to make the change would be

oci.databases.autonomousDatabase.update( auth,
                                         } );

callback: Node.js standard callback function.

See the test.js and files in the examples directory for other examples of how to setup the auth an how to call/use the API.

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