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PLEDGE - A Product Line EDitor and tests GEneration tool

PLEDGE is a testing tool which allows generating and prioritizing products of a Software Product Line. It also allows loading and editing Feature Models.

PLEDGE allows:

  • Loading a FM from a file. PLEDGE supports the SPLOT and DIMACS (Conjunctive Normal Form) formats,
  • Visualizing the FM information, like the constraints, the list of features or the type of each feature (mandatory, ...),
  • Editing the FM, by adding or removing constraints,
  • Generate the products to test from the FM, by specifying the number of products desired and the time allowed for generating them,
  • Save the generated products to a file,
  • Load an arbitrary list of products and prioritize them according to various prioritization techniques.

For more information, check the documentation embedded in the tool or the online version.

The tool uses the Sat4j, SPLAR and JCommander libraries.

Screenshot of PLEDGE - Generating products

Screenshot of PLEDGE - Calculating the coverage


PLEDGE - a Product Line EDitor and tests GEneration tool



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