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Basic Phaser game example
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Updated result of the Making your first Phaser game tutorial.

  • Cleaned up the tutorial's code by splitting it into distinct methods (for example setUpStars() which simply creates our star group and its content)
  • Added enemies to the game using the 'baddie.png' asset, when a user touches an ennemy, he dies and may restart the game by pressing [Space]
  • Added an 'end' to this little game, when all of our stars are collected, the user is congratulated and may restart the game by pressing [Space]

Run it

You need an HTTP server to run this localy.

git clone
npm install -g http-server
cd phase-game-example
http-server .

Open one of the links displayed by http-server and navigate to game.html.

Voilà ! Use the arrow keys to move around & jump.

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