A program for counting the occurrence of male and female Swedish names in a text file
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A program for counting the occurrence of male and female Swedish names in a text file.

Try the live web version: genuskollen.se


A series of functions for counting gendered Swedish names in text. Import the gendercounter.py script along with the tsv files containing names and frequencies:


Then you can:

import gendercounter

Consequently, the following function will take text as input:

gendercounter.textinput('Hej hen heter Lisa eller Kalle')

Which will return the result as tuples and dictionaries like so:

(({'Lisa': '31611'}, 1), ({'Kalle': '2903'}, 1), (1, 0, 0), (0, 0, 0), (0, 0, 0))

The first two dictionaries list female and male names respectively, along with the frequency of occurrence according to Statistics Sweden (2015). The tuples contain the pronouns hen/hon/han according to the following variations.

  1. hen/henom/hens
  2. hon/henne/hennes
  3. han/honom/hans

Usage as a script

Take the lines that have been commented out and comment them back in. Ten run:

python3 gendercounter.py file.txt

Sources of error

  • Some names are also frequent Swedish words, for example "De".
  • Uncommon names (less than 250 occurrences) were excluded.
  • Some names are gender neutral ("Charlie", "Mario", "Alex" etc.)
  • With the pronoun counter, the words "Han" and "Hans" can also be Swedish male names.
  • ??? (Please let me know if you find other sources of error)

Removed names

  • "De"
  • "Del"

Similar programs

  • SexMachine (English language, written in Python)