No more constantly commenting and uncommenting console.log statements!
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No more constantly commenting and uncommenting console.log statements!

What is it?

trace-js is a minimalist tracing library for JavaScript. It currently works for FF and Chrome.

Why trace-js?

Sometimes we want a snapshot of what's happening, without pausing execution. If you've ever debugged a JS app with a million files, you know what I mean. If you've ever tried to debug a hover event, you really know what I mean. :)

Constantly commenting and uncommenting console.log statements and reloading the page is hardly a satisfying answer.

How do I use it?

trace-js lets you add debug statements that you can keep in your code:

function SampleObject() {
  var debug = TraceJS.GetLogger("debug", "SampleObject");
  var warn = TraceJS.GetLogger("warn", "SampleObject");
  this.RunSampleA = function RunSampleA() {
    debug("RunSampleA", "debug test");
    warn(["RunSampleA", "banana"], "warn test");
  this.RunSampleB = function RunSampleB() {
    debug("RunSampleB", "debug test");

var test = new SampleObject();
var debug = TraceJS.GetLogger("debug");
setInterval(function() {
  debug(false, "This won't show up in the other tests!");
}, 1000);

When you want to watch the appropriate events, just run TraceJS in the console. You'll only see the objects you filter out.

//Only watch RunSampleB events

//Watch all warnings on SampleObject.

//Watch just events tagged banana

//Stop watching everything

How do I get started?

The quickest way is to include trace-js in your JS, like this:

<script src="trace-js.js"></script>
var debug = TraceJS.GetLogger("debug");
// ...

Developer's Reference

There are 2.5 functions to know:

[var log =] TraceJS.GetLogger(type, commonTags);

This returns a tracing function.

log(tags, description);

Once you have a tracing function, put it everywhere to log events - they won't turn on unless you watch them.

TraceJS(watchThis[, includeStack])

Call this function from anywhere to start tapping into the appropriate events.