Rainbow Six Bootcamp is a resource for Rainbow Six operators looking to get an edge against their competition. It is the first publication to offer its code and content completely open source under the Creative Commons Sharealike 4.0 License.
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  1. Improve SEO for keywords
  2. welcome mat
  3. brimstone bc-3
  4. hds flip site
  5. apm-6
  6. g52 tactical shield
  7. le roc shield
  8. camrs
  9. 9x19 VSN
  10. lfp586
  11. Gadget info [IN PROGRESS]
  12. Gadget videos
  13. Weapon mods info [IN PROGRESS]
  14. Weapon mods images
  15. House map drone video
  16. Situations info [IN PROGRESS]
  17. Situations video [IN PROGRESS]
  18. Situations images [IN PROGRESS]
  19. Analysis of recoil
  20. Analysis of movement noise
  21. Analysis of weapon noise
  22. Bank map info
  23. Bank map drone video
  24. Bank map drone images
  25. Bank map camera images
  26. Bank map camera video
  27. Chalet map info
  28. Chalet map drone video
  29. Chalet map drone images
  30. Chalet map camera images
  31. Chalet map camera video
  32. Clubhouse map info
  33. Clubhouse map drone video
  34. Clubhouse map drone images
  35. Clubhouse map camera images
  36. Clubhouse map camera video
  37. Consulate map info
  38. Consulate map drone video
  39. Consulate map drone images
  40. Consulate map camera images
  41. Consulate map camera video
  42. Hereford-base map info
  43. Hereford-base map drone video
  44. Hereford-base map drone images
  45. Hereford-base map camera images
  46. Hereford-base map camera video
  47. Kafe map info
  48. Kafe map drone video
  49. Kafe map drone images
  50. Kafe map camera images
  51. Kafe map camera video
  52. Kanal map info
  53. Kanal map drone video
  54. Kanal map drone images
  55. Kanal map camera images
  56. Kanal map camera video
  57. Oregon map info
  58. Oregon map drone video
  59. Oregon map drone images
  60. Oregon map camera images
  61. Oregon map camera video
  62. Plane map info
  63. Plane map drone video
  64. Plane map drone images
  65. Plane map camera images
  66. Plane map camera video
  67. CTU real world history and info


  • Run local test server hugo server -w
  • Build production site hugo -b http://rainbowsixbootcamp.com