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Contributing to Vimium

You'd like to fix a bug or implement a feature? Great! Check out the bugs on our issues tracker, or implement one of the suggestions there that have been tagged 'todo'. If you have a suggestion of your own, start a discussion on the issues tracker or on the mailing list. If it mirrors a similar feature in another browser or in Vim itself, let us know! Once you've picked something to work on, add a comment to the respective issue so others don't duplicate your effort.

Reporting Issues

Please include the following when reporting an issue:

  1. Chrome and OS Version: chrome://version
  2. Vimium Version: chrome://extensions

Installing From Source

Vimium is written in Coffeescript, which compiles to Javascript. To install Vimium from source:

  1. Install Coffeescript.
  2. Run cake build from within your vimium directory. Any coffeescript files you change will now be automatically compiled to Javascript.
  3. Navigate to chrome://extensions
  4. Toggle into Developer Mode
  5. Click on "Load Unpacked Extension..."
  6. Select the Vimium directory.


Our tests use shoulda.js and PhantomJS. To run the tests:

  1. git submodule update --init --recursive -- this pulls in shoulda.js.
  2. Install PhantomJS.
  3. cake test to run the tests.

Code Coverage

Bugs and features are not the only way to contribute -- more tests are always welcome. You can find out which portions of code need them by looking at our coverage reports. To generate these reports:

  1. Download JSCoverage or brew install jscoverage
  2. npm install temp
  3. cake coverage will generate a coverage report in the form of a JSON file (jscoverage.json), which can then be viewed using jscoverage-report. See jscoverage-report's README for more details.

Pull Requests

When you're done with your changes, send us a pull request on Github. Feel free to include a change to the CREDITS file with your patch.

Coding Style

  • Follow the style already present in the file.
  • Ensure your lines don't exceed 110 characters.
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