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RCumber is a rails plugin that gives your customers a web interface where they can view, edit and run Cucumber tests directly on your rails project.
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h2. Overview of RCumber

RCumber is a rails plugin that gives your customers a web interface where they can view, edit and run Cucumber tests directly on your rails project.

First you need to have "rspec":, "rspec-on-rails": and "Cucumber": installed and you'll need to have some cucumber tests written in your project.

Documentation / Wiki

Current Features
Currently, Rcumber is just a simple CRUD viewer for cucumber tests in a rails project with the ability to run the tests and see the results.
* Not displaying stderr in test results - Need a tighter way to run than using system() ?
* Not handling creating a new test with the same name as an existing test - currently overwrites
* need to improve field checking, error handling and help on creation screen - it's confusing - do they really need to manage the filename?

* Show all tests next to the current test for faster navigation.
* Create a demo/home site at where people can play with this plugin
* Add some screen shots to the home site
* Graphical commander panel to run and show the red/green
* Run all tests or a selected set of tests at once
* Click on a stack trace in the results and navigate to textmate
* Extract user configurable parameters into a ./config file
* Integrate some relevant 3rd party agile articles/blogs on story tests and cucumber using a feed from (user definable).
* better graphical feedback on a test run
* structured editing of a cucumber test
* subversion and git integration for auto-commit of story test updates

* Integration with radtrack - see radtrack project for details

h2. Installation

If you're looking at this right now - it's only been a day since I've pulled this out of a project (and I'm still a newbie at building my own plugin) - and there's some kinks - here they are - any help would be appreciated!:

h3. Add to your routes

You need to add the following to your routes.rb until I figure out how to bootstrap this in the plugin init process:

map.rcumber 'rcumber', :controller => 'rcumbers', :action => 'index' 
map.resources :rcumbers do |rcumber| 'run', :controller => 'rcumbers', :action => 'run'

It's simple to add rcumber to your rails project - just install it as plugin into your project:

   cd ./vendor/plugins
   git clone git://
   cd rcumber
   rake rcumber:install  <-- all this does is copy the nifty cucumber.gif to your /images directory

Step two:  just start your rails server and visit http://localhost:3000/rcumber

That's it!  You should be looking at your cool cukes through a sexy web interface.

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