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jQuery extensions for commifying a string.
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jQuery Commify - Adding commas to your boring numbers.

The jQuery Commify extension provides an easy way to add commas to numbers without them. While not required, there are several customizations you can make, such as adding a prefix ('$' for a monetary value would be the most obvious here, but could just as easily be '%' or '€'), or rounding the number off to a 10th or 100th etc.

If you'd like to improve upon this, by all means create a branch and send a pull request for that branch when you're good and ready.

Example usage

    => 1,100

    => 100,100.00

    => "100,100.00"         // Notice how the dollar sign was dropped here,
                            // Use a prefix option instead

  With options:

    $.commify("$100100.00", { prefix:'$' }); 
      => "$100,100.00"

    $.commify("$100175.00", { round:10 }); 
      => "$100,180.00"

    $.commify("$100175.00", { round:100 }); 
      => "100,200.00"

    $.commify("$100175.00", { 
        prefix: '$',
      => "$100,200.00"
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