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Package to calculate holiday dates in PostgreSQL


There are files provided which will create schemas and functions in your database. The holidays package is intended to reside in a new "holidays" schema.

  1. Create the holidays schema using the files in /db_setup/holidays_schema.pgsql
  2. Create the "holiday" type in the new schema using /db_setup/holiday_type.pgsql
  3. Add the utility functions necessary for your use case. You will most likely need "easter.pgsql", and "find_nth_weekday_date.pgsql".
  4. Add your country function. For example: "countries/canada.pgsql"

Alternatively, you can use the python loader.

  1. Create a postgresql_config.json file using postgresql_config.example.json as a template

  2. Install pipenv

     pip install pipenv
  3. Use pipenv to install the prerequisite python modules

     pipenv install
  4. Run the loader

    pipenv run python .\
  5. Chinese, Hebrew, Hijri, Hindu, and Jalali calendar functions require another of my libraries: calendar_converter_pgsql


You can select holidays from the new schema for your country using the following syntax. Where there are no sub-regions in a country, the parameter is omitted from the call.

SELECT * FROM holidays.canada('ON', 2020, 2020);

The query will return the results:

datestamp       description                authority      day_off      observation_shifted   start_time   end_time        
[DATE]          [TEXT]                     [ENUM]         [BOOLEAN]    [BOOLEAN]             [TIME]       [TIME]
------------    -----------------------    -----------    ---------    -------------------   ----------   ----------
"2020-01-01"	"New Year's Day"           "federal"       true        false                 "00:00:00"   "24:00:00"
"2020-02-17"	"Family Day"               "provincial"    true        false                 "00:00:00"   "24:00:00"
"2020-04-10"	"Good Friday"              "federal"       true        false                 "00:00:00"   "24:00:00"
"2020-05-18"	"Victoria Day"             "federal"       true        false                 "00:00:00"   "24:00:00"
"2020-07-01"	"Canada Day"               "federal"       true        false                 "00:00:00"   "24:00:00"
"2020-08-03"	"Civic Holiday"            "provincial"    true        false                 "00:00:00"   "24:00:00"
"2020-09-07"	"Labour Day"               "federal"       true        false                 "00:00:00"   "24:00:00"
"2020-11-11"	"Remembrance Day"          "federal"       true        false                 "00:00:00"   "24:00:00"
"2020-12-25"	"Christmas Day"            "federal"       true        false                 "00:00:00"   "24:00:00"
"2020-12-28"	"Boxing Day (Observed)"    "federal"       true        true                  "00:00:00"   "24:00:00"

A convienience "by country" function is also provided which accepts many name variations and defines a default region.

SELECT * FROM holidays.by_country('canada', 2020, 2020);

The above query would also produce the same output.

To Do

Cross-port the knowledge from the npm / javascript libraries for the same purpose. It uses a declarative method (which may be concurrently recorded here), implements periods, and covers additional countries:

Fill in missing information related to partial holidays, or non-holiday, but special dates:


I openly solicit pull requests and issues as feedback to make this package better. The port from Python was naive and I'm only intimately knowledgable about my own country's holidays (Canada). I expect many corrections and enhancements are necessary.

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Package to calculate holiday dates in PostgreSQL





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