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A Speclj plugin to enable unicorns in your tests.

Requires unicornleap.


The project is available on Clojars (https://clojars.org/speclj-unicornleap) and therefore ready to be integrated as a dependency in Leiningen or Maven. How to do that specifically can be found on the Clojars project site, for Leiningen the required entry for :dependencies is:

[speclj-unicornleap "0.1.0"]

If you're like me and want to avoid cluttering your project.clj files with a :dev dependency like that, Leiningen provides default profiles for that matter.

So you can create a file under ~/.lein/profiles.clj with content like:

{:user {:dependencies [[speclj-unicornleap "0.1.0"]]}}

This will download speclj-unicornleap on the next usage of lein.


I use the autotest feature of Speclj most of the time. To activate speclj-unicornleap with autotest run the following command:

lein spec -a -f unicornleap

This will give you the already known documentation based formatter with (!) unicorns.

If you run specs manually and want test progress output with unicorns you have to specify both formatters, like this:

lein spec -f p -f unicornleap

Otherwise you would only see the unicorn (or troll).

Why is that?

Since speclj-unicornleap is a formatter for Speclj, the -f unicornleap commandline argument specifies unicornleap as the only formatter. To keep the default behaviour of Speclj the argument -f p (for [p]rogress) is needed.


8th Light for Waza Friday afternoons and Kevin for showing me unicornleap.