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HISE Tutorial repository

This is the repository for the example project (and a few other example projects) from the HISE Tutorial. It contains the HISE project folder as well as a .gitignore file.

How to open a project

  1. Clone this repository
  2. Build the latest HISE version (important, this repository might not be compatible with anything else than the latest tip)
  3. Open HISE and load the project with File->Load Project. Select the project folder that you want to load:
  4. Load the instrument from the XML file using the File -> Open from XML function.

These projects are supposed to be compilable on every platform / format so let me know if something breaks or doesn't work. If it doesn't work please make sure you are using the latest HISE version (and the latest source code).

Included Projects

Apart from the Musicbox Tutorial, there are a few other example projects, which either demonstrate a few concepts (BasicSynth) or are useful tools on it's own (Convolution Reverb). They also act as CI tools, so whenever a new HISE version is built, it compiles every plugin to check if everything keeps working.

They also come precompiled with a standard installer for Windows / macOS, so feel free to download the plugins or load one of the project in HISE.

Convolution Reverb

A convolution reverb using multithreaded background rendering of the IR and some basic controls.

Basic Synth


A simple synthesiser using subtractive synthesis, a few modulators and an effect section. The UI is designed for both desktop as well as iPad usage.

Dynamics FX


A compressor / limiter / gate that uses a custom component to render the dynamics curve.

Parametric EQ


An equalizer using 4 full parametric bands and a FFT analyser that displays the frequency spectrum of the signal.