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Zelda-like 2D game engine
C++ CMake Lua C Objective-C++ Groff
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cmake Don't hide compilation warnings in release mode
developer_doc Use an std::map to map Lua names to enum values.
doc @ 6085240 Set documentation files from solarus-doc project.
gui Disable the audio menu until it is implemented
images changed the readme format and added the solarus logo
include/solarus Typo
libraries Update libmodplug dll, now compiled with gcc 4.8
sample_quest Add some hero sprites to Sample Quest
src Detect when output is the result of a command from the console
tests Fix quadtree main cell detection when the center is outside
tools/quest_validator Kill the old editor. YEAH!
work Clean entity sprites of the testing quest.
.gitignore Add Qt cmake file to .gitignore
.gitmodules Set documentation files from solarus-doc project.
.travis.yml Fix travis irc notification
CMakeLists.txt Make cmake project name lowercase Added license badge to the README.
changelog.txt Initialize the correct number of joypad axes
compilation.txt Update compilation instructions now that there is also a GUI lib
license.txt Separating engine and quest
license_short.txt Add files to build the windows installer
make_solarus_src_package Update file name
solarus.6 Added Manpage.
valgrind-solarus Fix memory leaks correctly this time. Valgrind is happy now.
valgrind.supp Update valgrind suppression file

Solarus logo

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Solarus is an open-source Zelda-like 2D game engine written in C++. It can run games scripted in Lua. This engine is used by our Zelda fangames. Solarus is licensed under GPL v3.

You might be interested in our fangames created with Solarus:

If you want to create your own games with the Solarus engine, see also Solarus Quest Editor, our Solarus game creation software.

See our development blog to get more information and documentation about using the Solarus engine. The compilation instructions can be found in the compilation.txt file or on our website.

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