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\page dungeon_syntax Dungeon files
A dungeon is an exploration phase where the hero usually has to solve puzzles
and beat enemies.
For the engine, it is basically a set of maps on one of several floors.
The player can display a minimap of the dungeon if he has found the "Map" item.
If he has found the "Compass" item, he can also see the location of the chest
and the bosses in the dungeon.
The \c maps/dungeons subdirectory contains all files required by the engine to
show the minimap of each dungeon.
It contains PNG images that represent the floors of the dungeons.
Each PNG image is called mapX_Y.png, where X is the dungeon number and Y is the floor number.
The floor number is between -16 and 15.
0 means the first floor, 1 the second floor, etc.
The file \c maps/dungeons/dungeons.dat gives the information needed to display this minimap.
Thanks to this file, the engine does not need to open the map files of a dungeon to display its minimap.
For each floor of the dungeon, it gives
its size (a floor may be composed of several maps) and the location of all elements that should be displayed
on the minimap when the player has the compass: the bosses and the chests.
Here is an example of what could be the beginning of this file:
width = 1040
height = 696
width = 1040
height = 696
width = 1040
height = 696
width = 1152
height = 768
width = 1152
height = 768
floor = 0
x = 392
y = 280
save = 54
big = 0
floor = 0
x = 528
y = 448
save = 55
big = 0
floor = 0
x = 288
y = 488
save = 5
big = 1
floor = -1
x = 808
y = 440
save = 56
big = 0
floor = -1
x = 648
y = 184
save = 63
big = 1
floor = -1
x = 200
y = 656
save = 72
big = 0
floor = -1
x = 552
y = 392
save = 85
big = 0
The first part of the file contains the size of each floor for each dungeon.
The groups are called here [dungeon_X.floor_Y] where X is the dungeon number
and Y is the floor number.
The second part describes the location and the type of each chest and boss.
The current version of the map editor generates automatically
the second part when editing the maps of a dungeon, but not the first part.
(you have to write it yourself).
In the second part of the file, the groups are called [dungeon_X.map_Y.chest_Z] or
[dungeon_X.map_Y.boss_Z] where X is the dungeon number, Y is the map id
(Y is not the floor number this time - this allows the editor to regenerate
this file easily when a map is modified even if the floor contains several maps)
and Z is the chest or boss number.
The location is given with the floor and the coordinates of the element
relative to the floor.
The value \c big (0 or 1) indicates whether the chest is a big chest
or a small chest, or whether the boss is the big boss of the dungeon
or a miniboss.
The value \c save indicates the index of the savegame variable that stores
the state of the chest or the boss in your quest.
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