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\page lua_api_language Language functions
\c sol.language lets you get and set the current language
and manage language-specific data.
Each language is identified by a code (like \c "en") and has a
human-readable name (like \c "English").
The language code corresponds to the name of the directory with files
translated in this language (sprites, strings and dialogs).
The list of languages available in your quest is specified in the data file
\c languages/language.lua.
See the \ref languages "Quest data files specification"
page for more information.
\section lua_api_language_functions Functions of sol.language
\subsection lua_api_language_get_language sol.language.get_language()
Returns the code of the current language.
- Return value (string): The code that identifies the current language.
\subsection lua_api_language_set_language sol.language.set_language(code)
Changes the current language.
- \c code (string): The code that identifies the new language to set.
It must be a valid code as defined in \c languages/language.lua.
\subsection lua_api_language_get_language_name sol.language.get_language_name([code])
Returns the human-readable name of a language.
- \c code (string, optional): The code of a language. By default, the current
language is considered.
- Return value (string): the human-readable name of this language.
\subsection lua_api_language_get_languages sol.language.get_languages()
Returns the list of available languages.
- Return value (table): An array of all language codes defined in
\c languages/language.lua.
\subsection lua_api_language_get_default_language sol.language.get_default_language()
Returns the code of the default language.
The default language is the one selected when no language is saved.
- Return value (string): The code of the default language as defined in
\c languages/language.lua.
\subsection lua_api_language_get_string sol.language.get_string(key)
Returns a string translated in the current language.
Translated strings are defined in the file \c text/strings.dat of the
language-specific directory (e.g. \c languages/en/text/strings.dat).
- \c key (string): Key of the string to get. The corresponding key-value
pair must be defined in \c strings.dat.
- Return value (string): The value associated to this key in \c strings.dat.
\subsection lua_api_language_get_dialog sol.language.get_dialog(key)
Returns a dialog translated in the current language.
Translated dialogs are defined in the file \c text/dialogs.lua of the
language-specific directory (e.g. \c languages/en/text/dialogs.lua).
- \c key (string): Key of the dialog to get. This dialog must exist in
- Return value (string): The corresponding dialog in \c dialogs.lua
\todo This function is not implemented yet.
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