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solarus-1.0.0 (under development)
The "I love Lua" release.
This is a major release. The version number switches from 0.x to 1.x
because the scripting API is now complete and will remain more stable in the
I now consider that Solarus can be used to create your own Zelda-like
games in decent conditions.
By "in decent conditions", I essentially mean: with a clean and stable
scripting API. Clean because there are nice datatypes now and the API is much
easier to use, less error-prone and more with the Lua spirit.
Stable because future versions of the scripting API will now try to keep
compatibility with existing scripts. Any API change that breaks compatibility
will now be clearly documented and conversion scripts will be provided.
Data files and scripts written for solarus 0.x are not compatible with
solarus 1.x.
Which is not a problem since until now, I never said you could create a quest
in decent conditions :)
More seriously, I guess I'm the only one to have a lot of data files and
scripts created for solarus 0.x.
Anyway, conversion scripts are provided to upgrade existing data files,
but not for scripts (the scripting API, which was working but ugly and
unstable, has totally changed).
* Rewrite the Lua scripting API from scratch. Cleaner, real datatypes, much
easier to use, less error-prone.
* Add support of scripted menus. They are no longer hardcoded into the engine.
* Data files are also in Lua now (no more ini files or custom text files).
* Add conversion scripts to upgrade existing data files (but not scripts).
solarus-0.9.3 (under development)
* The game screen size can now be set at compilation time.
* Change the savegames directory on Mac OS X.
solarus-0.9.2 (2012-04-03)
* Fix a crash using a teletransporter to the same map while an enemy is dying
* Immobilized enemies restarted too early when using a teletransporter
solarus-0.9.1 (2012-02-12)
* The player can now run with the action key if he has the ability "run"
* Fix locked doors and blocks that could consume more than one small key
* Experimental: new syntax of dialog files in Lua that makes parsing, writing
and translating dialogs easier (a conversion script is available)
* Experimental: optimize displaying and collisions far from the visible area
* Experimental: sensors are not obstacles anymore when jumping or using the
hookshot, they are activated instead
* Include Mac OS X packaging changes to the git repository
* HUD: the 11th heart was not displayed correctly when incomplete
* Lua: improve the prototype of
* Lua: add a function sol.enemy.get_angle_to_hero()
* Lua: add a function sol.main.get_distance(x1, y1, x2, y2)
* Allow the ground sprite below the hero to be tileset dependent
* Show a different sprite animation when plunging into lava or water
* Don't stop the super spin attack on shallow water
* Add debug keys to change the hero's layer
solarus-0.9.0 (2011-12-23)
* Initial release of Solarus without quest data
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