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\page translation How to translate a quest
We describe here how to translate a Solarus quest.
If you wish to contribute to a translation of Zelda Mystery of Solarus DX or Zelda Mystery of Solarus XD, feel free to contact us.
Several files have to be translated so that a quest works in a new language:
- some images containing text,
- some strings displayed in the HUD and the menu,
- all dialogs of the game (most of the work to do is here).
All these language-specific data files are in the directory
\c languages/XX of the quest data (where \c XX
is the code of the language, for instance \c en or \c fr).
\section images Images
Some images used by the game engine contain text.
They all are in the directory \c languages/XX/images
If you are making a translation of one of our games, we can do the pixel work
for you, just give us the textual translations.
Here is the exhaustive list of language-specific images and their content:
- \c languages/XX/images/action_icon.png:
image containing all the possible variants of the action icon
(the blue icon in the game):
- Confirm: validate a choice while saving the game
- Next: show the next message during a dialog
- Info: in the inventory menu, show information about an item
- Back: get back to the game after a dialog
- Check: look at an interactive element in the game (like a sign or a door)
- Open: open a door or a chest
- Action: activate an object
- Pick up: lift an item like a pot, a bush, a stone, etc.
- Throw: throw a lifted item
- Grab: grab a block
- Stop: stop an ongoing action (like using an item that consumes magic points)
- Speak: talk to an NPC
- Change: change the value of an option in a menu
- Swim: swim faster in water
- \c languages/XX/images/sword_icon.png:
image containing all the possible variants of the sword icon
(the green icon in the game):
- Save: save the game
- Back: get back to the game after a dialog
- Confirm: validate a choice while saving the game
- Skip: skip the current message of a dialog sequence
- \c languages/XX/images/pause_icon.png:
image containing all the possible variants of the pause icon
(the orange icon in the game):
- Pause: pause the game
- Back: unpause the game
- \c languages/XX/images/floors.png:
image containing all possible floor numbers that can be displayed in dungeons:
- B16: sixteenth basement floor
- B15: fifteenth basement floor
- ...
- B1: first basement floor
- 1F: first floor
- 2F: second floor
- ...
- 16F: sixteenth floor
- \c languages/XX/images/gameover_menu.png:
image displayed when the game is over:
- Game Over
- Save and continue
- Save and exit
- Continue without saving
- Exit without saving
- \c languages/XX/images/pause_submenus.png:
image containing the background of each pause submenu and its title:
- Inventory: title of the inventory submenu, that displays the items found by the player
- Map: title of the map submenu, that displays the world minimap or the current dungeon minimap
- Quest status: title of the quest status submenu, that displays the equipment, the pieces of heart and the finished dungeons
- Options: title of the options submenu, that lets the player configure the video mode and the keyboard and joypad commands
- \c languages/XX/images/title_screen_initialization.png:
image displayed when the program starts, before the title screen
- Zelda Solarus presents
\section strings Strings
The engine displays some text in the menus, before and during the game.
All these strings are loaded from the file
\c languages/XX/text/strings.dat.
The file must be encoded in UTF-8 and respect the simple syntax specified
in the \ref dialog_syntax page.
\section dialogs Dialogs
Dialogs are all messages displayed to the player in the dialog box during the
game. They represent the biggest part of the translation work.
All dialogs are defined in the file
\c languages/XX/text/dialogs.lua.
This file is a Lua data file whose precise content is specified
in the \ref dialog_syntax page.
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