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Christoph Rumpel's Dotfiles

This is a fork from Dries Vints's dotfiles. Check out his detailed documentation about all the files. I just changed a few things to better fit my needs.

Be careful when using these dotfiles because they change a lot of MacOS settings and install all the apps I need.

Backup Checklist

  • Did you commit and push any changes/branches to your git repositories?
  • Did you copy your .env files to a safe place if they are not casual?
  • Did you copy your IDE settings? (e.g. PhpStorm)
  • Did you backup local databases you need?
  • Did you remember to save all important documents from non-cloud directories?
  • Did you save all of your work from apps which aren't synced through cloud?
    • Insomnia (Export to Dropbox)
  • Did you update mackup to the latest version and ran mackup backup?
  • Create "Brave Sync" QR Code (Settings / Sync)


  1. Update macOS to the latest version with the App Store
  2. Create new SSH keys or copy given ones to SSH keys to ~/.ssh and make sure they're set to 600
   curl | sh -s ""
  1. Sign to 1Password and add new SSH keys to GitHub (for loading private repos)
  2. Clone dotfiles to ~/.dotfiles (you will be asked to download command line tools)
    git clone ~/.dotfiles
  3. Run Installation script
  4. Log in to Dropbox and sync folders
  5. Sync Mackup Folder (from Dropbox)
  6. Restore Mac settings" After mackup is synced with your cloud storage, by running mackup restore`
  7. Restart your computer to finalize the process

Additional Steps

  • Install apps manually
    • Davinci Resolve
    • Ecamm Live
    • Descript
    • Pixelmator Pro Demo (Dropbox/Backups)
  • Custom Settings
    • Spark: Log in with your main email account to load the others
    • Brave: Using created Sync QR code to sync extensions
    • Copy ssh config from 1Password to ~/.ssh/config
    • PhpStorm: enable repository sync
  • Set Permissions
    • Bartender
    • Alfred

Still Missing

  • Activate right mouse click
  • Sleep time missmatch/error
  • Rectangle settings?
  • Operator Mono font
  • Disable Mac sounds
  • Modifier keys: Switch caps lock to Esc, possible through commandline?


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