A login (/etc/profile.d) script for IBM InfoSphere Streams
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Streams Login Script

To make use of the command line tools shipped with IBM's InfoSphere Streams, each user must set up their environment to use IBM's version of Java and update their path to point to the location of the Streams installation. The installation documentation explains how to set up the environment for Streams and suggests that it is done on a per-user basis in their ~/.bashrc file, or on a per-node basis as a /etc/profile.d script.

streams.sh in this repo is a script that is intended to be copied into /etc/profile.d that will:

  1. Set up each user's environment so that they can use the Streams command line tools
  2. Automatically generate a Streams key if they don't already have one
  3. To make it easier for admins to give a new user access to shared Streams instance(s), it will also: 2. E-mail admins to let them know a new user has been set up 2. Copy their public Streams key to somewhere admins can access