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This is a fork and alternative implementation of the repository. The purpose of this code is to create a REST API server that provides a common interface for working with a Bitcoin Cash full node and various indexers.

This repository is intended to be paired with my alternative implementation of BITBOX SDK: bch-js, and is part of the product offering at

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The following features set this repository apart from

  • Address balance and UTXO queries for Blockbook and Bitcore added.
  • Rate limits are set to 10 RPM by default, and 60 RPM if Basic Authentiction header is used.
  • Typescript removed and ES8 JavaScript used instead.
  • npm audit run on all dependencies.
  • Greenkeeper implemented for automatic dependency management and security updates.

Live Demo

You can test a live demo of the REST API by running the bch-js examples. Rate limits are 10 requests per minute. This is fast enough to try out the examples but these servers are not intended as a freemium service. You can run your own REST server by purchasing the hard drive at


There are two installation paths, depending if you want a development or production environment. You'll also need to set up the underlying infrastructure described this page.

This code targets the Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Linux OS.


This is a standard node.js project. The installation is as follows:

  • Clone this repository:

git clone && cd bch-api

  • Install dependencies:

npm install

  • Customize the shell script to point to the required infrastructure. Start the bch-api REST API by running this script:



For a production environment, a Docker container is provided in the docker directory. One for mainnet and one for testnet. Again, these containers target the Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Linux OS.

  • Install Docker and Docker Compose by following the commands on this Dev Ops page.

  • Customize the bash script for your installation.

  • Build the Docker container with:

docker-compose build --no-cache

  • Run the Docker container with:

docker-compose up


Have questions? Need help? Join our community support Telegram channel



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