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This directory contains a series of small example apps that illustrate how to code up common use cases for a Bitcoin Cash application.

The low-level directory contains low-level applications exercising a single feature of bch-js. Think of these examples like lego blocks that can be used to build a bigger app.

The applications directory contains example applications like wallets, voting, and other ideas.

For a full-blown wallet, check out the bch-cli-wallet. This is both a command-line wallet as well as an NPM JavaScript library for providing high-level wallet functionality to your own applications.


Prior to running these examples, you need to setup this code repository. In the root directory run this commands to install the required dependencies.

npm install

Running Examples

You can run each example script by entering its directory and executing npm start

If you're new to Bitcoin Cash or need to brush up on your fundamentals, be sure to read this free book: Mastering Bitcoin Cash

Basic BCH Wallet Functions

These basic examples in the applications/wallet directory are used to bootstrap a BCH wallet for use with the other examples. Recommended path:

  1. Create a wallet
  2. Fund it. If targeting testnet, fund it with the testnet faucet
  3. Check the balance
  4. Send some BCH

Taking it further

Because these examples are included in the bch-js repository, they instantiate bch-js a little strangely:

const BCHJS = require("../../../../src/bch-js")

In your own apps, the line above should look like this:

const BCHJS = require('@chris.troutner/bch-js')

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