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Docker container for running a BCH implementation of Blockbook indexer and REST API.
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This repository contains code to build a Docker container that runs an instance of the Blockbook indexer, customized for the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network.

This Docker container depends on this fork of Blockbook which generates the .deb files in the the debs directory. Copies of these files are included with this repository, but if you need updated installation files, then you need to build them with that fork of Blockbook. The .deb files are targeted for Ubuntu 18.04 running on an amd64 architecture.


This installation targets Ubuntu 18.04 running on an amd64 architecture. Your mileage may vary.

  • The first step is to ensure you have fully-synced BCH full node running with an RPC interace exposed and txindex=1 set in its bitcoin.conf file. Once you've met that prerequisite, edit the blockchain_cfg.json file with the RPC connection details.

  • Ensure you have Docker and Docker Compose installed. Here is information on how to install that software on Ubuntu.

  • Clone this repository and enter the directory it creates:

git clone && cd docker-ubuntu-blockbook

  • Build the image by running docker-compose build.

  • Run Blockbook with docker-compose up -d


This container configures Blockbook to run as a single-threaded process. This is the only way to ensure that Blockbook does not corrupt its own database, which it has a tendency to do when running in multithreaded mode. This will make the initial sync pretty slow. When fully synced, Blockbook will consume over 130 GB of data.

  • Data is saved in the data directory.

  • Logs are saved in the logs directory. Logs can be monitored with this command: tail -f logs/blockbook.INFO

  • Blockbook status can also be monitored by going to https://localhost:9130

  • A list of gotchas and other information about running Blockbook can be found here


  • If the docker container exits with the error: Illegal instruction (core dumped), it means the Debian files need to be updated for your computer. Regenerate them with this fork of Blockbook and copy the generated .deb files into the debs folder and rebuild the container.



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