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A front-end boilerplate with auth, in Gatsby, for the koa back end.
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This is a front end boilerplate based on Gatsby. It started from the Gatsby auth tutorial, using the gatsby-starter-photo template, and was customized to work with the koa boilerplate back end. It demonstrates the basic auth capability of the koa boilerplate.

Installation and Usage

  • Install and run the koa boilerplate
  • Clone this repository git clone
  • Install dependencies: npm install
  • Run development server: npm run develop
  • Build for production: npm run build

This is a simple demo. The homepage is a login form. And a profile page is accessible only if the user is logged in. The profile page displays the username and JWT of the logged in user.

  • Click on the Profile link in the nav bar. You will be redirected back to the home page, and can not access the private Profile page unless logged in.
  • Add a username and password then click the Create button to create a new user.
  • You will be logged in and taken to the Profile page.
  • Log Out. You will be redirected to the Homepage with the login screen.
  • Log In. You will be redirected to the Profile page.
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