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Generate BCH tips that be reclaimed if not spent
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This a node.js app that generates Bitcoin Cash tips.

Tip Example

The tips are generated as a series of PDF files, which can be printed out and physically handed out. Recievers can scan the QR code with a BCH wallet to claim the tip.

Users of this app can run a script to reclaim any unused funds, so that tips aren't wasted.

This repository is forked from Golden Ticket


Step-by-step Video Instructions on YouTube

Install NodeJS LTS version 8.x or greater.

Clone the repo

git clone

Install the dependencies

cd tip-bch && npm install


A typical workflow is

  • npm run generate-wallet to create the 'mothership' address. This will generate a BCH address and QR code on the terminal that you then fund. This will prompt you for the number of children wallets to create.

  • npm run create-addresses will generate a series of HTML and PDF files for each child address.

  • npm run create-csv is a handy way to create a list of the addresses that you just funded.

  • npm run show-mother show the mothership address and QR code.

  • npm run fund-addresses will fund each child by evenly distributing the BCH funded to the mothership address.

  • npm run check-addresses generate a CSV file listing each tip address and weather or not they have been claimed (or not).

  • npm run reclaim-funds reclaim any unspent tips by sending them to an address of your choosing.

Multiple Sessions

It may be necessary to create tips for multiple events or sessions at once. After you created and funded the tips, create a .zip backup of the output directory. You can then restore the output directory and everything you need to make the commands work will be in-place. Swapping out different copies of the output directory will allow you to work with multiple sets of mothership and children wallets.

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