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Map it with Python! for North Bay Python 2018

Data Sources

Getting Started

  • If you are familiar with GitHub, fork (if you wish) and clone the repository. If not, download the repository and unzip to a working directory. Take note of where you put it!

  • Install Miniconda for your operating system. Please choose the latest Python 3.x version. The installation instructions might be helpful.

  • You should now have access to an Anaconda command prompt, open it like you would any program. Note that you should see (base) somewhere in your prompt. This means you're in the base Conda environment, which we will now change.

Navigate to the directory containing environment.yml (included in the repo).

cd [location where you saved the repo]/mapitwithpython
  • Create the Conda environment you will need to run the tutorial. Note: it is called geopandasenv. This could take anywhere from 10-30 minutes to finish.
conda env create environment.yml
  • Now you can activate the environment.
source activate geopandasenv  # macOS and Linux
activate geopandasenv  # Windows.
  • To open the Jupyter Notebooks included in this tutorial, in your Anaconda prompt navigated to the Notebook directory, type in:
jupyter notebook

This will open a browser where you can click and open each Notebook.

  • If you ever want to deactivate the geopandasenv environment, type the following in your Anaconda prompt:
source deactivate  # macOS and Linux
deactivate  # Windows.