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This version adds 2 new APIs to the riak-java-client whilst
maintaining (for now) backwards compatibility with the 0.14
releases. If you are using the legacy HTTP or PB RiakClient API your
code should still work. Please consider migrating to the new API, the
old API will be deprecated in the next release, and removed the
release after that.
This version replaces the EOL Apache HTTP Client 3x dependancy with
Apache HTTP Client 4.1.1.
Please view the README and this blog post[1] for full details.
There is a new API built around the RawClient interface, a transport
agnostic abstraction. There are two implementation at present that
adapt the legacy clients to the new API. There is some small
performance cost in this, since types must be converted between the
new common API and the older transport specific API, but it is small
(and temporary.)
There is also a second, higher level API, based around the IRiakClient
and Bucket interfaces. This API is a fluent builder based API that
provides abstractions and interfaces for simplifiying aspects of
working with a distributed, fault tolerant database. Of most interest
is a primative ORM (using the excellent Jackson JSON library) and an
interface for encoding conflict resolution strategies.
057c2f2 Merge branch 'az766_store'
9de410b Merge branch 'az771_delete' into az766_store
119544b Merge pull request #58 from basho/az783_api
a098f2c Remove sys.out from test
a3b8ded Change 'retrier' builder methods to 'withRetrier'
f63d0fe Update sibling tests with sleep time to allow bucket props to propagate
e60eeef Make Conflict/Conversion exceptions into RuntimeExceptions
5d43737 Remove duplicate vclock accessor
9e196e6 Make the setting of unsupported bucket properties fail loudly
6e5d39e Add new delete operation parameters
6721172 Add support for conditional store
088cb1d Add support for returning tombstone vclock
5301508 Add new fetch properties
e8ef8ff Merge pull request #51 from basho/bz1203_npe
cbec2a6 Add new 1.0 bucket properties (pr, pw, notfound_ok, basic_quorum)
39005f8 Update documenetation for 2i
95ef7d8 Add property to ignore 2i tests unless they are enabled
d9c6bfb Merge pull request #49 from basho/az493_search
139232b Update README with riak search example
bd1d6e4 Clarify usage for enabling search itests vi argLine
cd67a3f Add secondary index support
dfa0615 Fix NPE when calling store on default domain bucket
1d344e0 Update DEVELOPERS with how to enable search integration tests
0c80180 Remove redundant lib/* files
a0c0091 Merge pull request #48 from michaelklishin/patch-1
608fd6a Fix pbc.ITestMapReduceSearch to use correct port property
d8f0542 Add property control for search tests
4c6fa76 Add support for m/r search input to legacy and new clients
bd5ad43 master now builds 0.15-SNAPSHOT
ebc30a2 Add Riak Search m/r input
55918f6 Merge cadement pr32 to add search m/r to legacy clients
b47c231 Add meaningful exception when listKeys fails
831a465 Add PB client M/R code to read multiphase results
4a7c9e7 robustify pb mapred tests: reduce results may be delivered as multiple messages
087a2af Fix fetchMeta to handle siblings
9567f8f Merge pull request #45 from basho/bz1167_mr_args
b8ab408 Ensure map/reduce function argument is encoded and sent to server
13fdd21 Merge pull request #38 from basho/bz1142_pbc_meta
d53a62a Add JavaDoc and README details for connection acquisition exceptions
ab240a6 Fix incorrect default HTTP port in the HTTPClientConfig builder
e7b8e6a Add finally block to ensure entity always consumed for connection release
966dd5a Add ping to http client, RawClient and IRiakClient
45865ec Add constant for unbounded connection pools
68b002c Add test for content type being stored/retrieved
c8a0452 Add conversion code for user meta and links to pbc converter
d3f0cc9 Merge in fix to broken pbc pool from az481_profile
59cf9a2 Fix connection pool to only consume permits on connection creation
49f2595 Add constant for connection acquire attempt number
1477751 Add a "cluster client"
26d5859 Update version number in pom to indicate minor API change
fa6f20b Replace end of life apache http client 3.1 with 4.1
ccbd831 Merge pull request #35 from basho/bz1125_nval
c706a92 Change expected http code to 400 for n_val violation on delete
95c9646 Add test for RiakConnectionPool
3c9bcac Remove sys.out logging
a0039b6 Add a connection pool for the pbc.RiakClient
bfe3749 Make socket buffer size tunable by programmer and system property
f6f369a Add seed to SecureRandom for generating client id
c6c21bb Modify zero-results m/r test to account for new not_found result
a9dcb4c The last phase of a map/reduce must respect a keep value of false
13b2b14 Add instructions for building against non-default ports/host
06b7518 Add Host/Port param to factory for running itests against remote riak
d593697 Added RiakObject.getLinks() to protocol buffers client
47f1de2 Fix sporadically failing Domain Bucket test
2558f69 The last phase of a m/r query should default to keep=true
1d6ffd2 Add specific checked exception for Map reduce timeout
9d9a74f Fix array index exception for empty m/r result on pb client
9fd4a21 Add list buckets to new API
52cf38b Document new API packages, classes and methods
e643929 Add Link Walking tests for both http and pb clients
5e78743 Daemonise and name KeySource timer thread
8e007c8 Change multipart boundary charset to iso8859_1
e219194 Enforce correct characterset usage when going from byte[] to String
cb2a5c6 Add read quorum parameter to StoreOperation (for fetch before store)
4d59c23 Use Java standard library Callable instead of Command
9f7dd24 Merge pull request #23 from basho/bz1088.
dac9836 Deprecate legacy RiakClient and RiakObject
3cf5012 Remove references to deprecated legacy RiakClient code.
09386d9 Move all HTTP specific code to new client.http package
0c31b83 Add ITest for filters to existing m/r test
b6be99d Add link walking to both HTTP and PB client adapters
04c6755 Add VClock to RiakObject's parsed from link walk multipart response
74f7fa7 Implement MapReduce for new API
849c5ed Make filter name static final
079954c Add RW param to delete operations for HTTP client
57fc57c Add getter for VTag to pbc.RiakObject
1f7abe8 Add getter for lastModified to pbc RiakObject
d3df4ec Add getter for last modified date to pbc RiakObject
2b717d2 Make Multipart parse Java 5 compatible
65e6886 Parse multipart/mixed response entities as byte arrays, not strings.
eba46c4 Merged pull request #21 from codahale/fix-riak-connection-timer.
8d58949 Merge GitHub supplied patch to pr 18
f6ec76a Merged pull request #18 from taichi/unitetestinghost.
fd8d7a5 Make RiakConnection's timer daemon and named.
dbe79b6 bz1071 Fix store to return siblings if returnbody is true
dc20920 Initial commit of a high level Java API for Riak
b27c3b5 Add RW param to delete operations for HTTP client
e719257 get host and ports from System properties.
2b65bab unite RIAK_HOST and RIAK_URL. has test server host name and url.
883073e Incorporate Coda Hale's suggestions into a new API
This version fixes a few bugs with the protocol buffers client (including one
major crasher with setClientId). It fixes a bug setting max connections per
host which limited the http client to 2 concurrent connections. It fixes a
few encapsulation/thread safety issues. Some API elements have been deprecated
(direct access to RiakObject(s) links and user meta collections, mutation of
RiakLink) in preparation for removal in the next release. Unit and integration
test coverage has been increased to ~70% in preparation for a refactor. Java 5
is now supported.
d8824e5 Add test to show byte[] value safely encapsulated in RiakObject
0e7d255 Add tests to show RiakObjects internal collections are thread safe
568cab8 Remove calls to deprecated methods from tests
c1e23eb Remove references to sun Base64Encoder/Decoder
79b3f5a Fix Javadoc typo and rename usermeta to userMetaData
35e49c5 Return defensive copy of internal value byte array
ad05279 Fix direct store of byte array
46bb956 Fix sporadically failing vclock test
86b1927 Fix encapsulation/safety issues from direct store of array arguments
825e734 Fix concurrent mutation issue for RiakObject's links
fc3172f Fix typo in README (link to
a11206f Merge branch 'bz1040_coverage' - bz 1040
d88abac Add unit tests for pbc MapReduceBuilder - bz 1040
eb3cea9 Remove redundant imports
3eda593 Add integration and unit tests for the protobufs client - bz 1040
bb82e66 Add test for pbc RiakLink - bz 1040
96ac2aa Improve test coverage prior to refactor - bz 1040
cd0104e fix infinite loop in PBC setClientId - bz 1038
3897895 Fix always zero w and dw for PBC put request with RequestMeta
6aaecd8 RiakObject.writeLink(): Fixed bug (using setRequestHeader()
vs. addRequestHeader())
d54dd19 RiakObject.writeToHttpMethod(): Factored link part out; circumventing
problem with long http header lines (MochiWeb apparently has an 8K limit)
1f452b8 Add private constructor to JSONEquals helper class
6215c9f Change internal representation of M/R inputs to LinkedHashMap
ebdb63d Fix tests that depend on order of keys in Map
ff9748c Remove Java 6 only code and annotations
af74421 Add max connections per host to match max connections
2d72f31 updating maven dependency info on README
This version adds support for the riak protocol buffers interface.
This version no longer performs binary to String conversions automatically. All
bucket data is surfaced as byte arrays. Clients will need to either perform
their own string conversions or use the getBodyAsString() method added to the
com.basho.riak.client.response.HttpResponse interface.
This version breaks compatibility with Riak releases prior to the pre-0.10
tag. Specifically, it no longer parses link walking results in prior releases.
* Expect CRLF in multipart (link walking) results
* RiakClient.getClientId() returns the raw client ID byte[4] rather than String
to avoid charset encoding issues
First official release of riak-client.
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