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struct buf;
struct context;
struct file;
struct inode;
struct pipe;
struct proc;
struct spinlock;
struct stat;
// bio.c
void binit(void);
struct buf* bread(uint, uint);
void brelse(struct buf*);
void bwrite(struct buf*);
// console.c
void console_init(void);
void cprintf(char*, ...);
void console_intr(int(*)(void));
void panic(char*) __attribute__((noreturn));
// exec.c
int exec(char*, char**);
// file.c
struct file* filealloc(void);
void fileclose(struct file*);
struct file* filedup(struct file*);
void fileinit(void);
int fileread(struct file*, char*, int n);
int filestat(struct file*, struct stat*);
int filewrite(struct file*, char*, int n);
// fs.c
int dirlink(struct inode*, char*, uint);
struct inode* dirlookup(struct inode*, char*, uint*);
struct inode* ialloc(uint, short);
struct inode* idup(struct inode*);
void iinit(void);
void ilock(struct inode*);
void iput(struct inode*);
void iunlock(struct inode*);
void iunlockput(struct inode*);
void iupdate(struct inode*);
int namecmp(const char*, const char*);
struct inode* namei(char*);
struct inode* nameiparent(char*, char*);
int readi(struct inode*, char*, uint, uint);
void stati(struct inode*, struct stat*);
int writei(struct inode*, char*, uint, uint);
// ide.c
void ide_init(void);
void ide_intr(void);
void ide_rw(struct buf *);
// ioapic.c
void ioapic_enable(int irq, int cpu);
extern uchar ioapic_id;
void ioapic_init(void);
// kalloc.c
char* kalloc(int);
void kfree(char*, int);
void kinit(void);
// kbd.c
void kbd_intr(void);
// lapic.c
int cpu(void);
extern volatile uint* lapic;
void lapic_eoi(void);
void lapic_init(int);
void lapic_startap(uchar, uint);
// mp.c
extern int ismp;
int mp_bcpu(void);
void mp_init(void);
void mp_startthem(void);
// picirq.c
void pic_enable(int);
void pic_init(void);
// pipe.c
int pipealloc(struct file**, struct file**);
void pipeclose(struct pipe*, int);
int piperead(struct pipe*, char*, int);
int pipewrite(struct pipe*, char*, int);
// proc.c
struct proc* copyproc(struct proc*);
struct proc* curproc(void);
void exit(void);
int growproc(int);
int kill(int);
void pinit(void);
void procdump(void);
void scheduler(void) __attribute__((noreturn));
void setupsegs(struct proc*);
void sleep(void*, struct spinlock*);
void userinit(void);
int wait(void);
void wakeup(void*);
void yield(void);
// swtch.S
void swtch(struct context*, struct context*);
// spinlock.c
void acquire(struct spinlock*);
void getcallerpcs(void*, uint*);
int holding(struct spinlock*);
void initlock(struct spinlock*, char*);
void release(struct spinlock*);
void pushcli();
void popcli();
// string.c
int memcmp(const void*, const void*, uint);
void* memmove(void*, const void*, uint);
void* memset(void*, int, uint);
char* safestrcpy(char*, const char*, int);
int strlen(const char*);
int strncmp(const char*, const char*, uint);
char* strncpy(char*, const char*, int);
// syscall.c
int argint(int, int*);
int argptr(int, char**, int);
int argstr(int, char**);
int fetchint(struct proc*, uint, int*);
int fetchstr(struct proc*, uint, char**);
void syscall(void);
// timer.c
void timer_init(void);
// trap.c
void idtinit(void);
extern int ticks;
void tvinit(void);
extern struct spinlock tickslock;
// number of elements in fixed-size array
#define NELEM(x) (sizeof(x)/sizeof((x)[0]))