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Yeast Wranglers WWW

Optional steps to run site locally


  • install Ruby and Node.js
  • clone this repo
  • gem install bundler
  • bundler install
  • npm install

To get started

$ npm start

And you'll have a new Jekyll site generated for you and displayed in your browser. Neato. If you want to run it with production settings, just add --prod.

File formats


You can see more on markdown here.

Markdown is like HTML, but simplified. This file is written in Markdown.


YML or YAML is a way to represent data as objects. Indentation matters. Starting something with - indicates you are starting a new object.


Optional Build for Production

$ gulp build --prod

This will create a folder called dist/ that has a production ready version of the site.


push your changes to master, and AWS will automatically build and deploy the site to production.

Your changes are now live. Double neato.


Add a page

create a folder for the page name, ie create a folder called blog in src/ folder. Put a file called index.html in the folder. index.html will hold all the content for your page. Add the page to the navigation by adding it to src/_data/nav.yml. This works the same for sub folders, add them as children in src/_data/nav.yml.

Adding a blog post

You can see a full write up on writing posts here

Blog posts are stored in the src/posts folder. To create a new blog post add a file with the filename like YYYY-MM-DD-POSTTITLE.markdown. Posts are written in Markdown and have YAML metadata in their front matter. You can look at existing blog posts for examples, but the front matter allows you to set the title, date, author, category, and excerpt for the post.

Add a meeting

Meeting are added and re-ordered via the src/_data/meeting.yml file.

Change the main page carousel

Carousel items can be changed in the src/_data/slides.yml file.

Change the sponsors

Sponsors can be changed in the src/_data/sponsors.yml file.

Change the site navigation

Sponsors can be changed in the src/_data/nav.yml file.


This site was generated with generator-jekyllized, please refer to the README on Github.

for SSL issue

If you get SSL_connect returned=1 errno=0 state=SSLv3 read server certificate B: certificate verify failed.

Run from the root of the site:


and run gulp with

SSL_CERT_FILE=cacert.pem gulp


Membership form from Wufoo. Google Docs integration from