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Flask-Ask cookiecutter

This cookiecutter creates a ready-to-roll Alexa Skill skeleton based on Flask-Ask, an amazing framework by John Wheeler. Flask-Ask is quite possibly the fastest way to get started with developing Alexa Skills, and this cookiecutter only makes it faster!

What's in the box

  • A Flask Python application, including handlers for session start, launch and a number of built-in AMAZON intents, such as Yes, No, and Help.
  • A sample welcome intention that shows the way templating works in Flask-Ask, as well as a template.yaml template file with some examples.
  • A speech_assets folder, to hold your speech assets.
  • An (empty, but gitkeep'd) custom_slot_types folder to keep your list of custom slot values.
  • An intent_schema.json, which you can use as your template for building up the intent schema.
  • An empty sample_utterances.txt file (since the intentions currently provided for don't need utterances...).
  • A requirements.txt file with all you need.
  • A README.rst, explaining requirements and the setup process.

Short of a partridge in a pear tree, this contains everything you might need to get cracking with your very own Alexa skill! Read on below for directions on getting started with Flask-Ask.


To create the scaffolded project skeleton in your project, all you need to do is

  1. make sure you have cookiecutter installed (if not, go here),
  2. get cookiecutter to pull this repo and start scaffolding by entering the following command into your shell of choice: cookiecutter gh:chrisvoncsefalvay/cookiecutter-flask-ask , and
  3. follow the instructions in the README.rst file in your brand new repo!

That's all!


Contributions are welcome! I'm also on the Flask-Ask Gitter a lot, so you are welcome to let me know just what I could do to make this an even better tool for Alexa developers!


Cookiecutter template for Alexa skills based on the fantastic Flask-Ask framework πŸΎπŸ—£β“







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