The companion to Learn Julia by Chris von Csefalvay (Manning, 2015-6).
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This is the companion repository to the #juliabook, officially known as Learn Julia, by Chris von Csefalvay and published by Manning. Go here to buy the Early Access version. Use the voucher code MLCSEFAL to get 50% off!

Each of the folders contains, among others, the chapter-closing final exercise and any source materials you might require to follow along.

Repo contents


  • hamlet.txt: The source version of Shakespeare's Hamlet used for the final exercise for Chapter 04.
  • final-exercise-ch04.ipynb: IJulia notebook for the final exercise to Chapter 04.


  • dataset.jl: The data set - 360 subsequent, daily observations of body weight in a 26-year-old male
  • final-exercise-ch05.ipynb: IJulia notebook for the final exercise to Chapter 05.


  • UsefulPackages.jl: A one-stop shop of the 45 most useful and popular Julia packages. Many of these go beyond what is discussed in this book and aren't necessarily required for the purposes of following along with the book, but this is a good starter for your library of Julia packages!


Unless otherwise stated, all contents are (c) Chris von Csefalvay, 2015. All rights reserved. You may download and freely use these files to follow along with the book and/or distribute them for teaching and scholarship purposes, but you may not commercially distribute them.