The Python wrapper to Accuweather services
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The Python wrapper to Accuweather services


Install via pip:

pip install pyccuweather



When you create a Connection object, Pyccuweather will look for an Accuweather API key in a particular sequence. First, it will look for an explicitly provided API key. If none is provided, it will look for anenvironment variable called ACCUWEATHER_APIKEY.

Env authentication

You can set your system up for authentication by saving the API key in your system's environment variables. Open a terminal and enter

export ACCUWEATHER_APIKEY=<your API key>

substituting the example string with your actual API key. Pyccuweather will use this API key if it is not provided with an explicit API key.

Explicit authentication

When creating a Connection object, you can provide an API key:

from pyccuweather.connector import Connection
conn = Connection(API_KEY="<your API key>")

This will be used preferentially to the environment key.

Location resolution

[To be written]


[To be written]


[To be written]


Pyccuweather is licenced under the MIT License.


Pyccuweather was developed by Chris von Csefalvay at RB plc with the generous support of Accuweather.