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The first license that can save lives.

What is swabware?

Swabware is a form of donationware where users are encouraged to join the bone marrow donor registry.

The origins of swabware

This is a story to be told sometime later...

Swabware FAQ

Is swabware an open source license?

No. Swabware is not, strictly, a software license in and of itself. Rather, it is a non-mandatory provision that incorporates the licence of your choice. It can coexist with any non-proprietary license (or even a proprietary one!).

Why 'swab'?

Swab refers to the cheek swabs used to gather epithelial cells from the oral mucosa, which is then used to obtain your HLA profile. This is then used to match you to a recipient (or, if you're unlucky, a donor).

What if I couldn't donate bone marrow or I'm ineligible to join the registry?

No problem. Maybe you can encourage friends to sign up to donate bone marrow, or just tweet/blog about swabware, or contribute otherwise. As the swabware provision is, strictly taken, not a licence but a non-mandatory provision, there are no adverse consequences if you don't, or can't, donate.

What if I have religious objections to donating bone marrow?

See above.

What if my question is still unanswered?

Ask me. I'll try my best to answer!