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About UrbanPyctionary

UrbanPyctionary is a Python package that allows you to query the Urban Dictionary 'secret' API. This is an indirect API offered through Mashape, and as such, you will need an application-specific Mashape credential.

Urban Dictionary contains a goodly amount of the crude, rude, racially/sexually/otherwise offensive and the downright nasty. The author of this package does not endorse any of the content on Urban Dictionary, but believes it to be a very interesting window on current linguistic trends and an invaluable research tool. Corpus linguistics expects you to have a reasonably thick skin and not blush too easily. This package was created for research purposes only, and you should not use it for illegal, improper, offensive or discriminatory conduct. No such use is endorsed or approved by the package author.


With pip:

$> pip install urbanpyctionary


To use UrbanPyctionary, you will require a Mashape API key specifically for the 'Urban Dictionary Unofficial Secret API'. Go here to obtain an API key.

Once you have an API key, create a client object:

from urbanpyctionary.client import Client

c = client(API_key = "BwiftJvEbDTs1M7pO3bGeztgJU709eoIufUmDXr8pDdYK5A0K3")


The client object has one main method, get(search_term), which allows you to query for a search term:

>>> r = c.get("python")
<urbanpyctionary Result for python>

If all is well, a Result object is returned. This object is both a container for the result and an iterable that allows quick iterative access to individual definitions.

Individual definitions

A Result object contains a number of indexed definitions. These can be accessed by direct indexing:

>>> r.definitions[1]
<urbanpyctionary Definition 4826760 for python>

Alternatively, you can simply use the convenience indexing of the Result object:

>>> r[1]
<urbanpyctionary Definition 4826760 for python>

Using the browse() method allows you to inspect the content of a definition:

>>> r[1].browse()
{   'author': 'dan murray',
'current_vote': '',
'defid': 1150813,
'definition': 'A great little language invented by Guido "the man" van '
              'Rossum. John Carmack "swears by it", he wrote the Quake 2 '
              'engine in it!',
'example': 'print "nohtyp"[::-1]',
'permalink': '',
'thumbs_down': 50,
'thumbs_up': 118,
'word': 'python'}

Using the CLI

(to be written)