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Composable parsers.
Auto-generate as much of the AST as possible, including AST node classes.
Add a simple way to lexically scope the language.
Add a way of setting a default lexer for a parser.
Allow a parser to accept strings as an input (and take a lexer as an argument).
Allow the parser to parse one token at a time (thus allowing the lexer to be changed in the middle of parsing).
Allow the first argument to the associativity methods to be a integer to be used as the value for those tokens. An error should be raised if associativity values are given in a non-increasing order.
Get token associativity information to line up in explain.
Composable lexers.
Investigate a better way of storing name and type information for values and children, as well as better ways to define the accessors.
Add the ability to print out grammars in a textual form.
Code generation:
Figure out what an AssemblyAnnotationWriter is and what it is used for.
Add ability to set tail call info on call instructions.
Fill in the remaining semantic tools:
* Actor
* Axiomatic
* Big-Step Operational
* Denotational
* Hoare Logic
* Join Calculus
* Lambda Calculus
* Operational
* Pi Calculus
* Small-Step Operational
Add the ability to translate between different semantics.
Convert to Ruby 1.9 syntax.
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