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zf1 blog with responsive layout (twitter bootstrap 3) and mobile ready (jQuery mobile)
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My personal development blog, using PHP and the Zend Framework 1 for the backend. The frontend uses the Twitter Bootstrap 3 and and jQuery Mobile 1.4.

In production the blog is hosted on NGINX with php-fpm and apc cache. The database is MongoDB.

This is not a Wordpress Blog with lots of features, it is an expirement with just enough features to host my own stuff online.

I have put it on GitHub because maybe some parts like my library, the layout helpers or my "modules structure" where each module has its own boostrap and configuration files may be helpfull for zf1 starters.


Install the submodules with this command: git submodule foreach git pull

In "/application/configs/", rename the "application_default.ini" into "application.ini" and use your own values where needed

Do the same for each config.xml of each module in "/application/modules/MODULE_NAME/configs/"

If the Bootstrap failed to create the followind folders you may have to create them manually, create the folder "caches", "searchindexes" and "logs" in the "application" folder and in the "/public/" folder create an "upload" folder

Put a copy of the zend framework 1 into "/library/Zend/" (this repository got tested using zf1 1.12.3)

Check out the dev-vhost.txt file to setup an apache development vhost

To update the javascript packages check out the updating.txt file

MongoDB Backup

mongodump --out=/mongodb_backups/$(date +%Y-%m-%d)


  • DONE: upgrade Twitter Bootstrap to version 3
  • DONE: upgrade jQuery mobile to version 1.4
  • DONE: responsive layout improvements, for example the main area is too small on tablets
  • DONE: use Zend_Feed to read GitHub activity feed
  • DONE: use GitHub API to retrieve repositories list from GitHub (with zend file cache)
  • DONE: add zend file cache for GitHub feed in projects module
  • DONE: rewrite of the bookmarks module that is useless as it is right now
  • DONE: comments system for articles (remove disqus)
  • form to allow visitors to suggest bookmarks, article topics and readinglist entries
  • use Stackoverflow API to retrieve some public data (with zend file cache)
  • gravatar for comments
  • reduce header size for small resolutions especially if height is small

TODO (maybe):

  • update / improve mongodb models
  • improve tags system
  • create about page
  • add the option to switch to MariaDB
  • upgrade to zf2 if I have some free time left in the future ;)
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