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An authentification adapter for mongodb based on the mysql adapter
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An authentification (Zend_Auth) Adapter for use with a MongoDB (NoSQL) Database.

Here is an example howto use the adapter (it's very similar to how you use the mysql adapter), some methods have slightly different names:

# AuthController.php

public function loginAction() {

    $form = new User_Form_LoginForm();

    if ($this->_request->isPost()) {

        $formData = $this->_request->getPost();

        if ($form->isValid($formData)) {

			$formData = $form->getValues();

			$userCollection = $mongoConnection->selectCollection('user');
			$userConfiguration = Zend_Registry::get('UserConfiguration');
			// create authAdapter instance
			$authAdapter = new Chris_Auth_Adapter_MongoDB($userCollection);
			$authAdapter	->setIdentityKey('username');
			$authAdapter	->setCredentialKey('password');
			$authAdapter	->setIdentity($formData['username']);
			$authAdapter	->setCredential($formData['password']);
			$authAdapter	->setSalt($userConfiguration->authentification->password->salt);

			$result = $auth->authenticate($authAdapter);

			if ($result->isValid()) {

				$data = $authAdapter->getResultObject(null, 'password');

			} else {
				// login failed
		} else {
			// form data aint valid
	} else {
		$this->view->form = $form;


Redo the credential treatement part. Right know it's hardcoded and does only check if a salt was provided. Maybe could allow use to choose between md5 with salt and crypt, with a preference for crypt.

Feedback is welcome ;) Use the Github Issues system or visite me @

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