Node module that downloads zxy map tiles for a given bounding box and zoom range
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NodeJS module that downloads all the map tiles contained within a lat/lon bounding box at the specified zoom levels.

Example usage:

var options = {
    url : '{z}/{x}/{y}.png',
    rootDir: 'tiles',
    bbox : [40.693004,-74.030256,40.719681,-73.909063], //[south,west,north,east]
    zoom : {
        max : 18,
        min : 14

var mapDownloader = require('./map-tile-downloader/map-tile-downloader.js');

//execute mapDownloader,function(err){

This module will only work with tiles in ZXY format aka "Spherical Mercator, OpenStreetMap or Google tiles"

I built this to download NYPL MapWarper tiles for use in urbanScratchoff, a map toy that lets you "scratch off" a layer of historical imagery to see current imagery beneath.

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