Scripts that tinker with the MTA's turnstile data
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Scripts that tinker with the MTA's turnstile data. Used to create this data visualization.

turnstile.rb parses the oh-so-ugly format that the MTA delivers turnstile data in and makes each reading into a single line with the following columns:

Control Area, Remote Unit, SCP, Date, Time, Type, Entries, and Exits

Pass it a turnstile file as an argument and it will spit out output.txt


-Add station names based on Remote Unit Lookup -Consolidate

MTA turnstile data is available here:

Update 4/24/2013:

Added Processing Sketch for this animation:

Added geocodedstations.csv - This is the answer key for mapping MTA turnstile data. It was hand-jammed on 4/23/2013 with help from Mala Hertz