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Opportunity Hack 2015 Project
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Problem Statement:

"A click away from a peace of mind”

GrandWatch is a revolutionary communication service primarily focused on keeping track of elder family members without explicitly bothering them. There will be two components of this service — a smartwatch app and a mobile app. When we imagine communication, we often overlook a tiny device that we wear most of the time — watches. With the rise of connected smartwatches, the elderlies can use an app designed for the watch to update their daily activities to their family members. This process only requires them to select between predefined activities, and it will be delivered real-time to a mobile app used by the elderly’s family members. On the mobile app, a timeline of events will be shown, particularly helpful to those who have multiple elderlies to keep track of. Besides, the smartwatch app will utilize its built-in sensors to detect motions; these data will be sent over to the mobile app and determine if the elderly member is active or idle, giving their family members a peace of mind. Instead of using another device specifically for the purpose of keeping their family members worry-free, this should be integrated into our life with just few clicks on our wrists.

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