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DynDNS scripts for Linode / NFSN

Linode is a popular VPS hosting provider. NearlyFreeSpeech is a popular bare-bones Web hosting provider. Both provide DNS hosting with an API. These shell scripts allow you to update a DNS record remotely—from, say, a home server running on a dynamic IP address.


You will need:

  • a Linode API key
  • your domain ID
  • your resource (DNS record) ID


NearlyFreeSpeech provides a Perl library that can access the DNS API, but does not distribute the source code. Therefore, this script is in two parts: a shell script that can be run remotely and a helper Perl script that must reside on a NearlyFreeSpeech server. The shell script assumes that the helper Perl script is protected with HTTP Basic authentication.

You will also need a NearlyFreeSpeech API key.


This is free software. It is released to the public domain without warranty.

*[VPS]: Virtual Private Server