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Small adapter board to easily hook up a PicoPSU to the Dreamcast
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Small adapter board to easily hook up a PicoPSU to the Dreamcast


There was an issue, that the PicoPSU was not turning completely off, when PS_ON# was released, when no load is present on the 12V rail. The fix is to add a resistor (>10k) between 12V and GND.

The updated PCB includes this resistor.

Reference: ATX12V Power Supply Design Guide

3.3.2 PS_ON#

PS_ON# is an active-low, TTL-compatible signal that allows a motherboard to remotely control the power supply in conjunction with features such as soft on/off, Wake on LAN*, or wake-on-modem. When PS_ON# is pulled to TTL low, the power supply should turn on the five main DC output rails: +12VDC, +5VDC, +3.3VDC, -5VDC, and -12VDC. When PS_ON# is pulled to TTL high or open-circuited, the DC output rails should not deliver current and should be held at zero potential with respect to ground. PS_ON# has no effect on the +5VSB output, which is always enabled whenever the AC power is present. Table 14 lists PS_ON# signal characteristics.

The power supply shall provide an internal pull-up to TTL high. The power supply shall also provide de-bounce circuitry on PS_ON# to prevent it from oscillating on/off at startup when activated by a mechanical switch. The DC output enable circuitry must be SELVcompliant.

The power supply shall not latch into a shutdown state when PS_ON# is driven active by pulses between 10ms to 100ms during the decay of the power rails.

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