An advanced network scan and attack script based on GUI. 2nd version of no-GUI netattack.
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NETATTACK2 is a script written in python that can scan and attack networks. It is GUI-based which makes it easy to understand.

What can I do with it?


  • Scan your network for active hosts, their operating system, open ports and way more.
  • Scan for Access-Points and figure out encryption type, WPS and other useful data.


  • Simple ARP Spoofing
  • DNS Sniffing by ARP Spoofing the target and listening to DNS-Queries


  • Kicking hosts off your internet using ARP-Spoof attack


  • Send deauthentication packets to Access Points in your area (DoS)
  • Deauth-All, basically does the same but it scans for networks and attacks them periodically.

What do I need? (Requirements)

  • Python
  • Linux (Kali Linux prefered)
  • Required modules can be installed at runtime