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Yzis is a vi/vim engine that is easy to integrate in any graphical application.
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Yzis is a vi-compatible editor that is composed of a generic vi engine and 
independent GUI. It is developed in C++ and relies on QtCore for the some of the
background classes (lists and strings mainly). A KDE, Qt and ncurses gui
are available. More frontends are welcome. I would be happy to see a Gtk, MFC,
WxWidgets and XUL frontend added to the source tree.

For more details about requirements and build instructions, see:

Yzis uses the CMake system to compile and install itself, just like KDE.

See the wiki documentation for help on building Yzis:

Planning and project status:
We try to maintain the current state of the project and a planning on the

Most of the documentation is stored on the wiki:  . Build
instructions, project status, ...  . And if you are missing something, the
magic of wiki allows you to add it yourself.

The documentation for developers, including design drafts and API
documentation, is available from

You can report bug on our bugzilla:

You can help:

libyzis is published under LGPL. See COPYING.LGPL for more
qyzis, kyzis and nyzis are published under GPL. See COPYING for more

Talk with us:
We are hanging on the freenode network, channel #yzis .
You can also use our mailing lists. More info on:

Yzis came out of the frustration of working on kvim. For more details, see:

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