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__all__ = ['Formatter', 'NamespacedFormatter', 'FormatterMixin']
class Formatter(object):
A formatter is used to format the internal representation of a key or token.
This is useful for Redis and SQL databases, which often need to prefix keys
and columns in order to avoid clashes.
.. admonition:: Subclassing
Subclasses should implement ``format_key(key)`` and
def format_key(self, key):
Formats a key.
return key
def format_token(self, token):
Formats a token.
return token
class FormatterMixin(object):
def format_key(self, key):
return self.formatter.format_key(key)
def format_token(self, token):
return self.formatter.format_token(token)
def format_pair(self, pair):
fkey = self.formatter.format_key(pair.key)
ftoken = self.formatter.format_token(pair.token)
return (fkey, ftoken)
class NamespacedFormatter(object):
Prefixes keys and tokens with `namespace` string.
:param namespace: a string to prefix to keys and tokens.
separator = ':'
def __init__(self, namespace):
self.ns = namespace
def format_key(self, key):
return '{ns}{s}keys{s}{key}'.format(ns=self.ns,
s=self.separator, key=key)
def format_token(self, token):
return '{ns}{s}tokens{s}{token}'.format(ns=self.ns,
s=self.separator, token=token)